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Step 1

Section 1 – Admission requirements
Have you finished an undergraduate degree program recognized in Quebec (90 credits) or has the last term of your program already begun?

Did you pass all the qualifying courses required to obtain an equivalence of the recognized undergraduate degree?

Are you ready to begin the CPA Professional Education Program (university graduate program or national program delivered by the Order ) now or at the next semester?
You will register for the PEP when you get to step 3 of this form. You must then enrol in the courses (university program) or modules (national program).

Did you begin a period of practical experience or will you begin one within the next 30 days?
After your registration with the Order, you must report your practical experience no later than 30 days after your first day of work. In Step 4, you can submit your documents now, but you may also submit them later if you cannot do so at this time.
Once you are ready to begin a period of practical experience, you must submit a Declaration of start of practical experience.