Teamwork: An Opportunity to Prepare for the Job Market

Everybody knows that teamwork is a common component of any CPA training program: case studies, presentations, extracurricular activities like the Commerce Games, etc. Do you consider it as something fun or more like an affliction? Whether or not you like teamwork, it is an essential part of developing key skills for the job market. Plus, learning how to work on a team will definitely make you an extraordinary teammate!

What can you learn from teamwork?

In teamwork, you acquire key professional skills, such as:

  • Independence and initiative: You take initiative, do your job without being prompted by others, anticipate potential problems and look for solutions.
  • Coping skills and mental flexibility: You are not only able to deal with different personalities, but can also handle unforeseen circumstances.
  • Team spirit: You carry out your duties for the good of the team.
  • Influential leadership: You can present an idea and rally your teammates behind it in a positive way.
  • Listening: You make sure that you really understand your teammates’ ideas and questions before answering them.
  • Conflict resolution: You use a win-win approach by pointing out the positives so that everyone feels respected, which is in the group’s interest and helps reach its goals.
  • Communication skills: You know how to summarize your ideas and express them clearly.
  • Sense of organization and priority: You know how to soundly manage your time to efficiently complete all projects in progress.

How can you be sure that you are an extraordinary teammate?

Where there is teamwork, there are teammates! To promote healthy collaboration, each team member must:

  • be positive and pleasant when they work with others;
  • actively participate in team meetings;
  • respect all team members;
  • be self-critical and open to criticism;
  • be thorough in their assigned work and complete it on time.

By following these bits of advice, you will be an excellent teammate who actively contributes to your team's success!

Teamwork in the business world

Once you have acquired your CPA designation, you will rarely work alone. Your ability to work on a team will be critical to your success in all aspects of your job. Every day, you will need to work in close collaboration with your colleagues, clients and other stakeholders, whether you are discussing financial statements at team meetings, supervising a future CPA’s work, meeting with external auditors or dining with a supplier, etc.

Knowing how to work on a team: a sought-after competency

Unsurprisingly, the ability to work on a team is a key skill that is increasingly sought after by employers. You should view teamwork as the perfect opportunity to develop useful skills that you can mention in future job interviews!