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CPA jokes

Not only are CPAs anything but boring, but some of them are downright hilarious. As proof, we recruited 10 CPAs from different walks of life who agreed to take their best shot at telling some “CPA Jokes”. The objective: keep a straight face, or at least try not to laugh, while attempting to make their opponent laugh with a series of jokes about the world of accounting. Their jokes cover everything from taxes and budgets to financial statements!

If you think CPAs are boring, you have definitely never heard their jokes. Let's see if our participants are able to give these dad jokes the CPA touch. Try not to laugh!

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Round 1

Not bad, eh? We hope you’ve recovered, because there are more below. Get ready; there are no holds barred.

Round 2

All kidding aside, did you keep a straight face? Think you can make it through our final round?

Final round


Thank you to our participants!

CPAs are passionate, visionary and creative people. Here is proof that CPAs are anything but boring.

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