CGA Examination Committee

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The terms of reference of the CGA Examination committee are to set up teams to develop and manage the CPA, CGA examination process. The committee ensures the quality, applicability, reliability and integrity of the process involved in preparing and correcting CGA examinations. The committee submits the necessary recommendations to the Order’s Board of Directors regarding CPA, CGA examinations.


The main responsibilities of the committee include:

  • defining annual objectives and directions for CGA examinations (PA1, PA2, AU2);
  • determining the format and duration of each examination;
  • adopting the examination schedule;
  • selecting the exam centres;
  • adapting the competency map to changes in the profession;
  • forming teams to coordinate activities related to examination development, translation and correction;
  • selecting examiners to develop the CGA examinations and approving the collaborators who will support them in their work;
  • recommending that the Board approve the CGA examinations and their corresponding marking grid;
  • recommending that the Board approve the results of the CGA examinations.