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National examination evaluation committee

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The terms of reference of the National examination evaluation committee are to review the common final examination of the CPA profession and recommend its approval to the Order’s Board of Directors.


The main responsibilities of the committee include:

  • reviewing the content of the common final CPA examination and the corresponding evaluation guide;
  • ensuring that the content of the examination and the competencies evaluated comply with the CPA Competency Map in effect;
  • assessing the level of difficulty of each question in the examination and the examination as a whole;
  • ensuring that each question is clear in relation to the evaluation guide;
  • ensuring the evaluation guide is appropriate in relation to the content of the examination and the CPA Competency Map;
  • reviewing the French version of the examination and ensuring that it is clear and consistent with the original English version;
  • submitting comments to the National Board of Evaluators on the examination and/or evaluation guide and proposing any changes deemed necessary;
  • submitting a recommendation to the Board on the final approval of the examination once the changes or improvements are deemed satisfactory.


Members who wish to apply for this committee must have at least 5 to 7 years of relevant experience.