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Professional inspection committee

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The Professional inspection committee supervises the practice of the profession by Order members and in particular inspects their records, books and registers relating to their professional practice as well as the property entrusted to them by their clients or by others (section 112 of the Professional Code).


Established under section 90 of the Professional Code, the Professional inspection committee is a statutory standing committee of the Order. The committee supervises the practice of the profession in accordance with the program it establishes as provided for under the Regulation respecting the professional inspection committee of the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec. Pursuant to section 112 of the Professional Code, the committee may, at the request of the Board of Directors or on its own initiative, undertake an inspection to determine the professional competence of any member of the Order. Under section 112 of the Professional Code, the committee informs the syndic where there are reasonable grounds to believe that a professional has violated the provisions of the Professional Code, the Chartered Professional Accountants Act or a regulation thereunder. The committee may recommend to the Board that it require a member of the Order to successfully complete a period of refresher training or a refresher course, or both, and that it restrict or suspend the member's right to engage in professional activities until the member has fulfilled the obligations or satisfied the conditions imposed under section 113 of the Professional Code.

The Board has added to the committee’s legal and regulatory functions the responsibility of recommending training offices for approval.