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Regional groups committee

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The role of the Regional groups committee is to facilitate information sharing among the regional groups and ensure their good governance. The committee oversees and coordinates the regional groups, and monitors each group’s performance in meeting the objectives relating to the Order’s strategic directions.


The committee is a standing committee, and its responsibilities include:

  • informing the regional groups about Order and other regional group initiatives, and facilitating discussions on major issues and challenges facing the profession;
  • ensuring that each regional group complies with board composition requirements;
  • establishing and ensuring compliance with guidelines on the directions and sound management of regional groups;
  • receiving the regional groups’ annual action plans and ensuring that plan objectives have been met;
  • allocating the Order’s total contribution among the regional groups and establishing rules for sharing possible annual surpluses generated by the regional groups;
  • receiving and evaluating special project funding requests from the regional groups, and allocating funds from available budgets;
  • participating on an ad-hoc basis in consultations conducted by the Board of Directors or by other Order committees;
  • performing monitoring activities to apprise the board of issues on which the Order should take a position publicly.


The committee is made up of the presidents and vice-presidents of the Order’s regional groups.