Working groups

Would you like to volunteer with the Order and share your experience with the profession? Submit a membership application  (in French only) for one or more of these working groups:

Working groups on leading and emerging practices

  • Ad hoc - Disclosure of organizational corporate social responsibility performance
  • Virtual practice and information technologies

Working groups on needs analysis

  • Provincial public sector
  • Federal public sector
  • Parapublic sector

Sector-specific working groups

  • Agriculture
  • Cooperatives
  • Educational child care services network
  • Educational institutions
  • Health and social services network
  • Municipal governments
  • Pension plans

Technical working groups

  • ASPE - Financial accounting - Part II
  • Assurance
  • Assurance reports
  • Code of ethics
  • IFRS - Financial accounting - Part I
  • NFPO - Financial accounting - Part III
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Public accountancy-related issues
  • Public sector – Public sector accounting
  • Review of financial statements
  • Taxation and commodity taxes

Other working groups

  • Management and management accounting - Publications


The main role of the working groups is to keep current with issues applicable to sector-specific competency areas and with the latest development on standards, laws, leading and emerging practices so as to inform CPAs about the potential impact of these developments and the issues that affect them and thereby position the Order as an influential actor to support CPAs in their leadership role. 

The working groups are not standing committees; they serve the Order in an advisory capacity.


  • Keeping current with the latest standards, laws and leading/emerging practices affecting the area or sector and participating in consultations conducted by standard-setting/regulatory organizations, if any
  • Collaborating with standard-setting/regulatory organizations and government departments that are represented on the working group to address applicable standards and laws and various issues of concern to stakeholders
  • Informing CPAs about the potential impact of developments and the issues affecting them
  • Reviewing, where appropriate, certain professional development products

Composition of working groups

The person designated by the Order holds the position of working group lead and secretary.

This person will be responsible for the composition of the working group. There is no limit to the number of members. Members are recruited based on their expertise and their experience with the topics addressed by the working group.

The term of office is one year, renewable on the basis of future projects. The working group lead will determine the duration of the term of office based on the members, their expertise and their experience with the topics addressed by the working group.

Additional information

Feel free to email us at for more information on the activities of one or more of these working groups.

To calculate the expenses in connection with your participation in a working group, please fill out the online expense report:

Access the expense report for CPA members >
Access the expense report for non-members >

Once completed, print and return it, together with supporting documents, to the head of the working group. To find out more about the reimbursement of expenses incurred by volunteers of the Order, read our guidelines  (in French only).