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Sustainable development charter

The Quebec CPA Order recognizes that sustainable development is a cross-cutting issue that concerns all actors in society. The Order fully assumes its role in society and hereby makes the following commitments with regard to its contribution to sustainable development.

 Enriching the competencies of CPAs so that they might use their expertise in the areas of sustainable accounting, management and governance within organizations.

 Provide CPAs with the awareness and tools that they need to become agents of change and innovation in sustainable development within organizations.

 Support research into sustainable accounting, management and governance as it gains momentum, becomes more widespread and is integrated into organizations.

 Promote green taxation as a means to incite behavioural changes in taxpayers that favour sustainable development.

 Promote the creation of a governing body under the Ministère du Conseil exécutif responsible for ensuring that policies and government decisions are consistent with the principles of sustainable development.

 Continually re-examine the Order’s processes and policies regarding resource allocation and management to align them with the principles of sustainable development. Sustainable Development Charter.