Professional system

The Professional Code 

The Professional Code, the umbrella legislation of the Quebec professional system, applies to all orders. The main responsibilities of the Office des professions du Québec are tied to the application of the Code. The Professional Code also mandates the Quebec Interprofessional council to provide advice to the government.

The Office des professions du Québec 

The Office des professions du Québec is a government organization responsible for ensuring that each professional order offers the public a guarantee of competence and integrity. The organization’s responsibilities include supervising professional orders and approving regulations adopted by them.  

The Quebec Interprofessional council 

The Quebec Interprofessional council is made up of all the professional orders. The council is consulted on such matters as general and specific guidelines for the professional system, draft legislation or regulations regarding the system, proposals to constitute a new professional order or the integration of a profession into an existing order.