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Corporate treasury management

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General objective

This training activity will provide treasury professionals and financial managers with an understanding of the treasury function, and how to apply the fundamental principles of the treasury function within the finance department of their organizations. Participants will work through detailed calculations (e.g. components of WACC, foreign exchange contracts, financial modeling), case studies, and examples.


Treasury is a key finance function that is vital to the financial health and success of every business, large or small. The treasury function has evolved from traditional cash and liquidity management to a more strategic function encompassing broader working capital, corporate finance and risk management activities. Treasury involves the management of money and financial risks in a business. Its priority is to ensure the business has the money it needs to manage its day-to-day business obligations, while also helping develop its long term financial strategy and policies.

It’s the treasury professional’s role to identify, assess and manage liquidity and financial risks so they support the business’s objectives. The treasury professional will also help to identify and create new opportunities that could benefit the business. This training activity is being offered to treasury professionals and financial managers alike that are looking to gain an understanding of the treasury function, and apply the fundamental principles of the treasury function within the finance department of their organizations.


By the end of  this training activity, participants will solidify the principles learned, by:

  • working through detailed calculations on the components of WACC, hedging strategies (foreign exchange and interest rate), and financial modelling concepts;
  • solidify principles learned through case studies and business examples, including bank relationship management and credit agreements, pulling together WACC calculations, reviewing borrowing and investing strategies, understanding cash management structures, and the preparation of financial models to forecast financial statements, cash flow and apply cash flow management strategies;
  • recommend changes to a treasury’s department policies, operations and control.


  • Corporate treasury function
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Financial modeling
  • Working capital management
  • Cash flow management and capital markets
  • Treasury operation and control
  • Derivatives

Target audience

This training activity will benefit treasury professionals, controllers, and senior financial managers who are looking for an introduction to treasury function up to an intermediate level.

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