Controllership – Operational management

General objective

Today's controller must fulfill four distinct roles to effectively add value to their organizations: steward, operator, catalyst, and strategist. This course focuses on the first two of these roles in which controllers find themselves operating on a daily basis. To be an effective operational manager, controllers must have proven financial skills and abilities in areas such as human resource management, information management and risk management. The operator role is explored by examining essential controller skills and the controller’s role in human resource management. The steward role is then examined by looking at financial, performance, and relationship management including many practical tips in each area. Finally, risk management is considered as an important part of the overall steward role.


  • By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Describe the four broad roles of the controller position and identify which role(s) they need to develop most;
  • Utilize self and time-management tools to direct their career-life balance;
  • Identify steps to take when entering a new controllership role;
  • Identify HR policies in their organization that need to be addressed;
  • Identify and utilize a broader range of performance measures for their organization;
  • Identify and manage the key external relationships connected to the controllership role;
  • Describe the risk management framework;
  • Understand types of fraud and identify ways to prevent/detect them.


  • Today’s controller roles and responsibilities
  • Controller essentials
  • Controller as HR manager 
  • Controller as a financial / information manager
  • Controller as a risk manager

Target audience

Finance professionals working towards a controller position or who are new to the position of controller, or long-time controllers looking for new tools/ideas or a refresher on operational management areas of the role.

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