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Controllership – Operational management

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General objective

Today's controller must fulfill four distinct roles to effectively add value to their organizations: steward, operator, catalyst, and strategist. This training activity focuses on the steward and operator roles of the controller. It will give participants the opportunity to reflect on their current role as operational managers and determine which role(s) they need to develop most to add value to their organizations. Specifically, within the operator role, participants will examine essential controller skills and their roles in managing human capital for their organizations. In considering the steward role, participants will examine the financial performance management, information management, and relationship management needed in their organizations. Participants will gain insights, new skills, and many practical tips to improve the overall value they can add to their organizations.


By the end of this training activity, participants will be able to:
  • outline the areas of operational management that are most important to their organization and/or to their personal development;
  • identify HR policies/issues in their organization that need to be addressed;
  • evaluate the potential effects of technological changes on their role as controllers and the work performed in the accounting area;
  • consider a broad range of performance measures for their organization;
  • identify and manage the key external relationships connected to the controllership role.


  • Today’s controller – Roles and responsibilities
  • Controller essentials and organizational needs
  • Controller as HR manager 
  • Controller as a financial performance manager
  • Controller as an information and relationship manager

Target audience

This training activity will benefit finance professionals working towards a controller position or who are new to the position of controller, or long-time controllers looking for new tools/ideas or a refresher on operational management areas of the role.

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