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Audit engagements – Review of the standards – Online


General objective

Developed with the needs of professional accountants working in public practice in mind, this course provides a solid foundation in the practical application of the Canadian Auditing Standards (CAS) to audit engagements. Participants are given an opportunity to build on their understanding of the standards, with an emphasis on areas identified as common pitfalls in national practice inspection findings. Using a case study approach, participants practise applying the standards to a set of client-specific facts. The case study is based on the audit of a moderately complex for-profit private company. Participants will also explore the key elements of documenting an engagement working paper file including, planning, engagement execution, and reporting.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify common pitfall areas in audit engagements as noted by national practice inspection findings
  • Apply key CAS requirements appropriately to a set of case study facts
  • Recognize key items to be documented in an audit engagement working paper file


  • Audit quality
  • Communication with others
  • Audit documentation
  • Acceptance and overall audit strategy
  • Internal control
  • Risk assessment
  • Audit procedures
  • Reporting

Target audience

This course is designed for audit practitioners at all levels of experience who want to refresh their understanding of the Canadian Auditing Standards and explore applying the standards in a more effective and efficient manner.

Course format

Prior to the session, you will be given a password access to the online courseware via e-mail.

You have two options for managing your Internet hours while working on these sessions: study entirely online using the electronic courseware provided or study part-time online by reviewing seminar materials you download in a PDF document.

Within this courseware, you will find: instructions on how to work through the session, all the necessary seminar materials, as well as a range of interactive learning activities designed to make studying on the Internet a rich and rewarding experience. 

You will have access to an online facilitator for all your questions on the seminar material. Your results are tracked as you progress through the modules and quizzes to ensure your PD is verifiable. 

Minimum computer requirements

The default format for use during your program will be Microsoft Word and Excel. The program will run best from a cable or higher connection. You will also need current Adobe Flash Plugin, current Adobe PDF Reader Plugin, and current Java Plugin.

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