Business valuations – Fundamentals

General objective

This course provides participants with a practical insight into business valuation. Participants will learn about and apply valuations tools such as the capitalized cash flow (CCF) approach and the discounted cash flow (DCF) approach to business case studies. The course also focuses on business valuation interpretation and the mechanics of the valuation process.


  • Overview of valuation methodologies and how to apply them to a real business
  • CCF and DCF valuation techniques and application
  • Calculating maintainable earnings
  • Determining capitalization and discount rates
  • Enterprise value versus equity value
  • Market valuation approaches using equity value and enterprise value multiples

Target audience

This course will benefit members in industry and practitioners with limited to no valuation experience who are seeking a better understanding of business valuation principles and practices.


Please bring a calculator as it may be used during class.

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