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The budgeting process

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Rethinking the budgeting process - In most organizations, the budgeting process has remained more or less stagnant. This course covers various approaches to and best practices of the budgeting process. How can the budgeting and planning model be made more effective? And, how can the budgeting process generate value and still remain consistent with the organization’s business processes?


Teach participants how to recognize the strong points of an effective budgeting system, and how to move from budget-building to performance management.

Topics covered

  • Overview
    • Budget origin
    • Business people’s perception of the budget
    • How did we get there?
  • Weaknesses and consequences of the current process
    • Deficiencies of the traditional budgeting process
    • Repercussions for finance departments
  • An effective budgeting process
    • Overview of a holistic management system
    • Integrated resource planning and budgeting
    • Planning costs associated with demand
  • Differences between traditional budgeting and activity-based planning and budgeting (ABPB)
    • Budgeting deficiencies remedied by ABPB
  • The importance of an integrated solution
    • Consequences of using non-integrated applications
    • Main functions of an integrated solution that supports the budgeting process

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