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Master your time to achieve your goals – A pragmatic approach


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  • To successfully accomplish your tasks and never forget anything
  • To manage your emails effectively
  • To diminish sneaky "time-wasters"
  • To govern the use of your time according to your real priorities

At last, here is a simple, realistic and relevant method! Discover Time Management techniques that are precise,  easily applicable and rewarding. Have a clear vison of your tasks and stay on track all day long, day after day. Get reacquainted with the feeling of satisfaction from having completed what was planned.

Training course objectives 

  • Improving the organization of your workspace and your filing system (paper as well as electronic)
  • Getting rid of piles of accumulated paper and virtual documents
  • Identifying and mastering your Time Management processes
  • Becoming skilled with using your time management tool (Outlook, Lotus Notes or Group Wise) with a good time management process
  • Managing your emails effectively
  • Handling and leading multiple projects simultaneously
  • Understanding and putting into practice key elements for individual and team efficiency
  • Mastering internal and external communications
  • Decreasing the various sneaky ``time-wasters``
  • Handling emergencies, unanticipated events and requests
  • Controlling and monitoring deadlines
  • Conducting good follow-ups
  • Never forgetting anything
  • Managing tasks effectively 
  • Efficiently planning daily, midterm and long term activities
  • Adjusting your daily workload realistically 
  • Gaining satisfaction from your work accomplishments
  • Discerning your real priorities
  • Governing your use of time according to your real priorities

Qualitemps Approach

The method by which we manage time is without a doubt one of the most important processes of an organisation. Mastering time management is the foundation of all improvement endeavours.  The strong point of our training course resides in its practical and technical approach of time management. We think that it is first and foremost  a skill, built upon acquired know-how. Our method is simple and usable in all work situations. 
Our commitment is to provide participants with practical tools that will allow a significant improvement of individual and team efficiency.

Detailed training course contents

  • Introduction: the value of time
  • Identifying the most common hurdles to time management
  • Getting organized to improve efficiency
  • How to set up a thorough time management system
  • Identifying and defining your own time management process
  • Applying the WHEN rule
  • Practical exercise and thoughts on priorities
  • Effective use of your time management tools
  • Configuration of the time management software to optimise the Task tool
  • The importance of combining everything in one single tool
  • Managing long tasks and projects
  • Techniques for managing the unexpected and staying on track
  • Tips for never forgetting anything
  • How to manage multiple tasks and keep track
  • Taking your manageable time into consideration 
  • Grouping tasks
  • Skillfully managing telecommunications
  • Grouping internal communications
  • Negotiating the use of your time
  • Time management methodology as a collaborative instrument for work teams
  • Maximizing your efficiency at work
  • Effective communication
  • The art of delegating
  • Receiving mandates
  • Balancing your workload
  • Establishing priorities
  • Planning for the short, medium and long term
  • Time management as a key-competency
  • Your personal action plan

Who is this training course for?

Anyone wishing to optimise their time management skills in order to set the groundwork for the pursuit 
of their professional and personal objectives.

This training course is offered to all, employees and managers, because we all have time to manage, regardless of our role or position in the enterprise. For an enterprise to develop an authentic time management culture, 
each individual must master the fundamentals of sound time management and become proficient 
at practicing the related techniques.

Pedagogical approach

  • Interactive presentations
  • Real-work examples
  • Demonstrations of proposed methodologies
  • Practical exercises
  • Personal action plans produced during the training course

Training course material

  • Complete reference guide 
  • Software configuration guide (for software used by individual participants)
  • Self-evaluation test
  • Time management skills self-test, before and after the training course session (optional) 

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Saison de formation : 2020-2021
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Date de début : 2021-04-29, 08:30
Date de fin : 2021-04-29, 16:30
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