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Master your time with Outlook


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  • To transform Outlook into a powerful navigating tool
  • To fully take advantage of what Outlook has to offer  
  • To concentrate your time management into one single tool
  • To efficiently manage your emails and their associated tasks 

Outlook software contains everything you need to master your time, from short repetitive tasks to drawn-out projects. This training will explain how to transform Outlook in a performing tool to help you attain your professional and personal objectives and improve your efficiency.

Training course objectives 

  • Using Outlook in its optimal way 
  • Discovering the unimagined possibilities offered by Outlook
  • Configuring Outlook to maximise the use of its features
  • Creating tasks with notions of time management in mind
  • Managing and executing tasks in a performing way
  • Using Outlook to manage your projects
  • Efficiently managing long tasks and projects 
  • Using all the functions of the calendar judiciously
  • Efficiently managing emails and their associated tasks
  • Delegating efficiently or assuming the execution of your mandates
  • Ensuring good follow-ups and not forgetting anything
  • Planning short, midterm and long term work realistically
  • Centralizing your time management in a single tool 
  • Handling your workload better

Qualitemps’ Approach

One of the strengths of our course is the emphasis that we put on the Task feature. When it is well used, Tasks can become a powerful time management tool. To take full advantage of it, you will learn how to set it up according to your specific daily workload requirements. We teach you how to do this and also how to setup visually performing displays. This makes the software much more user-friendly and guarantees that the user will put it into practice.

Detailed training course contents

  • How to associate time management with Outlook
  • The time management process
  • The various features and commands of the software
  • Efficient navigation in Outlook
  • Various commands of the advanced toolbar
  • Configuration of Outlook to enhance the use of Tasks 
  • Reconfiguring visual displays of tasks to suit your needs
  • Using the filtering options for displaying tasks
  • Creating tasks according to sound time management principles
  • Grouping similar tasks in Outlook
  • How to create categories and use them judiciously
  • Managing multiple projects and long tasks efficiently with Outlook 
  • Breaking down a project with Outlook to manage separate steps better
  • The immediate action syndrome
  • Managing new developments and unforeseen events and staying on track
  • The email management lifecycle
  • Mastering the various options of the calendar
  • Managing calendar and tasks simultaneously
  • Appropriate task attribution as a manager or team leader
  • Distribution of tasks within a team to efficiently manage an internal process
  • Good execution of an assigned task
  • Short term, medium term and long term planning with Outlook

Who is this training course for?

Anyone wishing to transform Outlook into a performing tool in order to help them achieve professional 
objectives or improve their work performance.  
All leaders, managers and supervisors who wish to offer powerful working tools to their teams to help them achieve company objectives. 

Pedagogical approach

  • Guided practical exercise, conducted autonomously on individual computer workstations 
  • Theoretical content
  • Interactive talks

Training course material

  • Complete and illustrated step by step guide 
  • Outlook preparation tutorial
  • Individual computer stations available to each participant for the entire duration of the course

Technical Support 

  • (offered for public courses as well as online courses)
  • 60 minutes of individual technical support for participants (online or in classroom), available 4 months following the course
  • This technical support can be broken down into sessions or used at once, to the benefit of the students
  • Technical support offered by phone and with JoinMe 
  • We will help you find solutions to all relevant aspects related to the course content

Our Mobile classroom

15 computers are available for classroom courses. Each computer is programmed so that every function can be displayed full screen. This way, participants work in an environment which is similar to their own. Our mobile classroom gives us the possibility to offer training sessions in enterprises, onsite.

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Saison de formation : 2020-2021
No de séance : 1400
Date de début : 2021-05-20, 08:30
Date de fin : 2021-05-20, 16:30
Durée : 1 jour
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