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Navigate through Excel like a pro


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  • To have a mastery of Excel at your fingertips 
  • To review Excel commands and learn how to use them most efficiently
  • To discover unfamiliar commands and use them skilfully 
  • To learn tips and tools from the pros

Excel software is a powerful management tool but it is often not used to its full potential! The training we offer is much more than a simple Excel course. We have designed it for a wide range of users, from those who need to create spreadsheets and workbooks to those who need to master the use of existing documents. Whether you create your own workbooks or work with existing ones, you will discover tools to develop your own methodology. Hence you will improve work habits by saving time and optimizing the use of Excel to suit your specific needs!

Training course objectives 

  • Developing a personalized and efficient data management methodology
  • Creating and using templates
  • Discovering unknown functions and learning to use them with confidence 
  • Reviewing the Excel commands to develop individual methodologies 
  • Producing visually communicative documents
  • Personalizing the user interface
  • Creating shortcuts for quick access to preferred filing locations  
  • Modifying workbook options
  • Improving visual presentation and ergonomics of worksheets 
  • Speeding up data entry 
  • Manipulating data efficiently
  • Demystifying Excel Pivot Tables
  • Creating personalized number formats
  • Efficiently searching and replacing data entries 
  • Obtaining printed documents that correspond to your needs
  • Learning tips and tools from the pros

Qualitemps Approach

Our Excel guide is a unique reference guide. It contains a large number of applications and formulas. It serves as a practical reference guide which users of all levels appreciate having at their side.

Detailed training course contents

  • Personalization of the user interface
  • Personalizing and moving the toolbar
  • Quick access toolbar
  • Displaying the spreadsheet tab in the ribbon
  • Reducing and restoring the ribbon
  • Customizing the quick access toolbar
  • Opening, creating and using personalized lists
  • Modifying File creating options
  • Improving the appearance of a worksheet
  • How to work efficiently in Excel
  • Key commands to know
  • Options for hiding or displaying as required
  • How to Split sheets and freeze panes
  • Reproducing a cell format or a cell  
  • Reproducing the format of a worksheet 
  • Using and saving worksheet templates
  • Saving specific parameters of a worksheet template
  • Getting familiar with quick data entry
  • Navigating efficiently through a workbook
  • Shortcuts
  • Effective use of Cut and Paste with various options
  • Using the Fill command
  • Copying a Microsoft Word table into an Excel worksheet
  • Copying Excel worksheet data into Microsoft Word
  • Copying a contact list from Microsoft Outlook into an Excel worksheet 
  • Recording Macros
  • Modifying the Quick Access icon
  • Efficiently manipulating data
  • Search and Replace tool
  • How to select cells according to given criteria
  • Conditional formatting
  • Managing rules in Excel
  • Deleting or modifying an existing rule
  • Managing rule execution order
  • Copying a conditional formatting rule
  • Excel operators and order of operations
  • Relative, absolute and mixed references
  • Accessing the information data relative to a workbook or its cells
  • Manipulating data and formulas
  • Copying formulas
  • Converting formulas into values
  • Displaying formulas in cells instead of the corresponding calculated values
  • Formatting numbers
  • Creating personalised number formats
  • Using charts to manage, analyse and present data
  • Creating a chart
  • Sorting and filtering chart data
  • Formatting options parameters
  • Applying a style to a range of cells
  • Using Pivot tables to combine data
  • Working with Pivot tables
  • Creating a Pivot table   
  • Using personalized printing Macros
  • Selecting the information to be printed
  • Modifying the appearance of printed documents
  • Optimizing files
  • Boosting teamwork

Who is this training course for?

Everyone who needs to master Excel in order to efficiently collect, manipulate, analyze and present data; supervisors, managers, directors, junior or middle management, administrative assistant, etc.

Pedagogical approach

  • Guided practical exercises performed on individual computer stations
  • Theoretical lecture
  • Interactive discussion

Training course material

  • A tutorial is sent to the participants prior to the course scheduled date, for those who wish to brush up their
  • Excel knowledge prior to the course
  • Excel step by step illustrated User Guide   
  • 200 pages reference Guide containing formulas and applications examples 
  • Individual computer stations are made available for participants for the course

Technical Support

  • 60 minutes of individual technical support for participants (online or in classroom), is available 4 months following the course.
  • This technical support can be broken into sessions or used at once, to the benefit of the students.
  • Technical support offered by phone and with JoinMe.
  • We will help you find solutions to all relevant aspects related to the course content.

Our Mobile classroom

15 computers are available for classroom courses, each computer is programmed so that every functionality can be displayed full screen. This way, participants work in a setting similar to their own work environment. Our mobile classroom gives us the possibility to offer training sessions in the enterprise, onsite.

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