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Excel training workshop – Management reports for controller and analyst

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  • Partner: SLV Expert inc.
  • Registration/cancellation: Follow the Order’s normal procedure.
  • Final registration confirmation sent by: SLV Expert inc.
  • Price: Please see the schedule fee below. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Location: Verify your registration confirmation. You will receive it in the days following your registration or in the days preceding the course.
  • Lunch: Not included


  • Provide the tools to handle large databases
  • Making effective and professional management reporting with data integrity
  • Monitor the quality and integrity of data
  • Use several advanced matrix functions to make reports
  • Use the macro commands in management reports

Technical information

SLV Expert inc. will provide the laptop needed for this course.

Summary of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Structuring data
    • Essential Conditions to respect
    • Database basic functionalities
  • Imports / Exports and data conversion
    • From Access
    • From a Text File
    • From Word
    • From another Excel workbook
    • From an XML file
  • Master dates functions
  • Master text functions
  • Addressing absolute and mixed cells
  • Search function and matrix
    • Vlookup functions and Hlookup
    • index / equiv functions
  • Statistics functions
  • Named Fields and Validation
    • Named fields
    • Drop-down lists in Excel
  • Error Validation (if / ISERROR)
  • The matrix functions
    • SUMPRODUCT and Type
    • SUMPRODUCT or Type
    • SUMPRODUCT and & or Type
    • SUMPRODUCT Dynamic Type
    • SUMPRODUCT cross Type
  • 3D Function
  • Best practices and tips
    • Maintenance sheet
    • Navigation sheet
  • Macros
    • Create and edit a macro
    • Attach a macro to a button or to a drawing
    • Security Management
    • Examine the execution of a macro

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