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POWER BI (Level 1) – Webinar


  • Partner : Le CFO masqué
  • Registration/cancellation : Follow the Order’s normal procedure.
  • Final registration confirmation sent by : Le CFO masqué
  • Price: Please see the schedule fee below. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Webinar: Le CFO masqué will send, in the days prior to the course, an email with the information you will need to access the course.


The platform used for this training is Teams - You will not need to install the application to follow the training. Le CFO masqué will send you, a week before the training, a link allowing you to take a test.

Technical specifications

• Computer with Office Suite (in English or French depending on training) - see course plan for the correct version
• Reliable internet connection
• Speakers (built into the computer or external) or headphones


You must check the technical requirements in the course plan in the "Required marterial" section.


This training course is for the professionals who have a lot of data to analyze and who are looking for a self-service BI solution (Business Intelligence). More specifically, it is for the professionals who must, without needing the help of the IT department:

  • Import data from difference sources
  • Clean and merge data
  • Explore data with visualizations
  • Build and share easy-to-update dashboards
  • Have an online access to the dashboards via web, phones and/or tablets


  • Learn to use Power BI Desktop to import, clean, merge and improve imported data and build reports with a variety of data visualizations
  • Learn to use Power BI Service in order to publish and share reports that were built with Power BI Desktop


  • Discover Power BI Desktop 
    • Discover the query editor (import and clean data from different sources)
    • Discover the Data section (explore data tables)
    • Discover the Relationships section (build relationships between tables)
    • Discover the Report section (build data visualizations)
  • Build queries
    • Import data
    • Clean, transform and improve data
    • Merge data from different sources
    • Use basic M code
  • Data visualization 
    • Use the most popular options of the fields pane
    • Use the most popular options of the visualization pane
    • Discover the filter, sort, drill down, drill across functionalities and more
  • Power BI Service overview

Targeted learners

The targeted learners are the professionals who have a lot of data to analyze and who are looking for a self-service BI solution (Business Intelligence).


This training course is aim at professionals who:

  • Have very good computer skills
  • Master pivot tables in Excel
  • Understand how a database works
  • Understand how a query works

Required material

Each learner must have access to a portable computer equipped with Power BI Desktop. You can find the free version of Power BI Desktop here:


Course registration includes:

  • PDF document with step by step instructions to build the course report
  • Data sources for the course report
  • .pbix file with the solution
  • Bonuses

Certificate of completion

At the end of the training course, the learner will get a certificate of completion. This certificate will include the accreditation number of the trainer from Emploi-Québec, the name of the learner, the name of the training course, the date, the number of continuous training hours as well as the name and signature of the trainer. This certificate meets the standards for continuous training requirements of Québec-based professional orders.


Sophie Marchand, M.Sc., CPA, CGA, MVP, holds a M.Sc. in corporate finance and the accounting accreditation CPA, CGA. Moreover, she is the sole Excel MVP in the Province of Québec and one of the two Data Platform MVP in Québec. She received the MVP designation from Microsoft. MVP stands for « Most Valuable Professional ». She has many years of experience as a corporate finance professional and she specializes in financial modeling and in business intelligence. She acts as a consultant, a trainer as well as a speaker.

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Saison de formation : 2020-2021
No de séance : 0608
Date de début : 2020-11-06, 08:30
Date de fin : 2020-11-06, 16:00
Durée : 6.00 h
Animateur : Animateur du partenaire
Renseignements complémentaires : Le CFO masqué vous enverra, dans les jours précédant la formation, un courriel vous donnant toutes les directives nécessaires pour accéder à votre formation à distance.

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