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Agile change management : How does that work? (previously Agile Handling of Change)


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Learn to advance and move with change to make it a springboard for you and your team.

Learning objectives 

  • Understand and demystify change and how to approach it. 
  • Strengthen your ability to detect and adequately deal with the stakeholders' concerns. 
  • Equip yourself to communicate in order to strengthen cohesion in a context of change. 
  • Become aware of your style of influence in a change situation and adjust accordingly. 
  • Appropriate recognized change 


  • Introduction and context 
    • The three axes to develop your agility in change 
  • Prospect of change 
    • How I relate to change 
    • Putting changes in my reality into perspective 
  • The leader of change 
    • The leader's key, determining role 
    • My style of influence in a change situation 
  • Human factors in change 
    • Phases of adaptation 
    • Resistance 
    • Concerns 
    • Communication techniques in a change situation 
  • Advancing in change 
    • Self-assessment: Am I agile? 
    • Necessary change in mentality 
    • Building a team project 
    • Building by adopting a positive attitude: it's possible! 
  • Action plan: I trigger the movement 
  • Evaluation of training program 


Theoretical presentations (30 %); scenarios and exercises (70 %). 

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Québec – Le Domaine Cataraqui

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Saison de formation : 2020-2021
No de séance : 0362
Date de début : 2021-05-11, 08:30
Date de fin : 2021-05-11, 16:30
Durée : 1 jour
Animateur : Animateur du partenaire
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