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Governance in NFPOs

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General objective

This training activity explores some of the unique governance challenges facing NFPOs and how board members need to be prepared to meet those challenges. The course focuses on what governance is, what best practices are and how to identify emerging issues with the goal to providing effective oversight. Participants will explore important questions and problems faced by NFPOs, including the obstacles faced by a volunteer board member of a smaller NFPO to maintain oversight when their required responsibilities include operational roles. Through discussion and exercises, the training activity group will discover the key elements of a corporate governance framework and determine strategies for including certain elements of discipline that already exist on corporate boards for the purpose of benefitting NFPOs.  


Many CPAs are asked to, or are interested in, sitting on a not-for-profit organization’s (NFPO’s) board, but without knowing the role, responsibilities and risks of doing so. Further, the diverse nature of NFPOs means that these can vary widely. In addition, NFPOs face the challenge of resource limitations enhancing the need to use their resources effectively. Strong governance plays a significant role in ensuring this happens and with the right knowledge, CPAs are well-placed to help.


By the end of this training activity, participants will be able to:

  • identify the essential elements of a corporate governance system;
  • define the authority, role and responsibilities of the board and audit committee; 
  • explore common governance challenges facing not-for-profits;
  • undertake steps to improve the way a not-for-profit board functions including the promotion of a strong ethical culture;
  • identify emerging issues that boards need to understand, including their organizational response.


  • The definition of governance
  • The essential elements of a corporate governance system
  • The governance value proposition
  • The control environment
  • The authority and role of the board of directors, the audit committee, and self-evaluation
  • The role of management in promoting ‘tone at the top’ and an ethical culture
  • The subset of ethics within an organization
  • Tools for evaluating the ethical culture of an organization
  • The identification of emerging issues and best practices for managing these issues
  • The impact of current trends and emerging issues on board composition and reporting

Target audience

This training activity will benefit professionals who sit on, are considering joining or provide support to NFPO boards.


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Saison de formation : 2020-2021
No de séance : 1855
Accessible du : 2021-02-26, 00:00 au 2021-08-31, 23:59
Animateur : CPA Alberta
Durée : 3.50 h
Renseignements complémentaires : The starting date is depending on the upcoming recording date from CPA Alberta and is therefore subject to change.

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