Ressources pour les CPA durant la crise de la COVID-19

Afin de vous aider à rester à l’affût des nouvelles qui ont un impact sur la profession et à trouver facilement des ressources pour adapter vos méthodes de travail, nous avons mis en ligne une page Web spéciale qui est mise à jour en continu.

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Veuillez également noter que nos bureaux sont fermés jusqu'à nouvel ordre. Nos services sont toutefois maintenus à distance et nous mettons tout en œuvre pour limiter les inconvénients liés à la surcharge généralisée des réseaux téléphoniques et Internet.

Performing remote work during the COVID-19 period – Moving from the office to home


  • Partner : Groupe CFC
  • Registration/cancellation : Follow the Order’s normal procedure.
  • Final registration confirmation sent by : Groupe CFC
  • Price: Please see the schedule fee below. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Webinar : Groupe CFC will send you, in the days preceding the course date, all the information you will need to access your online course.


Groupe CFC uses the Webex and Webex Training platform. You will need either a laptop or regular computer; tablets and intelligent phones are not compatible. You will also need access to speakers and a camera.


Organize your remote work environment in order to remain efficient and fulfill your role and responsibilities in difficult times. 

Learning objectives 

  • Identify and implement good practices in order to be productive and ensure excellent job performance when you are working remotely. 
  • Adapt the way I act and behave when fulfilling my responsibilities. 
  • Get the tools you need to stay motivated and manage your stress when you are working remotely. 


Remote work. What changes can I expect?

  • Remote work: what changes and stays the same
  • Discussion: What kind of employee are you?
  • Being self-reliant and responsible when teleworking
  • The importance of being proactive: anticipating and having a broader vision of your work

Communication: just because we’re far away doesn’t mean we can’t be close!

  • Remote communication tools: why it is important to understand and use them
  • Staying in touch with your team: the keys to success
  • Office life when you’re working from home: the importance of informal discussions

Turning your home into an office: combining performance, comfort and security

  • Setting up an office at home: combining performance, comfort and security
  • Discussion: What are your ideal working conditions?
  • When the children are at home: juggling work and family
  • How do you keep focused on your office work when you’re at home?

Self-management: a remote work challenge

  • How can I manage stress in the current situation?
  • The golden rules of self-motivation


Real-time virtual classroom where each participant connects to the session via a web link Computer, webcam and headphones with microphone are required for the session. 

Closing activities

  • My action priorities as an employee: three steps to be taken based on my particular situation
  • The evaluation is completed online, after the training session

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Saison de formation : 2019-2020
No de séance : 8730
Date de début : 2020-06-18, 09:30
Date de fin : 2020-06-18, 11:00
Durée : 1.50 h
Animateur : Animateur du partenaire
Renseignements complémentaires : Groupe CFC vous enverra par courriel, dansles jours précédant votre formation, les informations vous permettant d'accéder à votre formation en ligne.

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