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Dictionary of Derivatives and Other Financial Instruments

Auteur : Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec


This free dictionary provides investors, financial industry professionals, translators and other interested parties from government, the media and educational sectors with an authoritative bilingual reference covering concepts that may at times be complex and bewildering. This on-line tool is an innovative initiative in the French-speaking world and represents a major step forward in the fields of terminology and investor education. The dictionary contains over 700 definitions that can be accessed in English and French simultaneously. In addition to featuring synonyms and complementary concepts, it gives comparisons between different concepts and terms. It thus enables users to compare definitions of forward-based derivatives and option-based derivatives, and to grasp the distinctions between numerous types of options.

Target clientele

CPAs in public practice, CPAs in industry/business and CPAs in the public sector

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