The Estate Planning Toolkit for Business Owners

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Written in clear, easy-to-understand language, The Estate Planning Toolkit for Business Owners is designed to help Canadian business owners build a successful estate plan and access the many estate planning alternatives, services and solutions available in the formal marketplace.


The Estate Planning Toolkit for Business Owners aims to help business owners – and the professionals who advise them – develop a forward-looking estate plan that offers peace of mind by providing personal and financial protections that can help secure their future. Written in clear, easy-to-understand language, this unique resource provides business owners with:

  • A solid grounding on estate planning principles
  • Guidance for exploring the “what if” questions that can surface as they apply these principles to their own situation.
  • Basic as well as sophisticated opportunities for creating, managing, preserving and passing on wealth.
  • Information about techniques for personal, business and asset protections.

Estate planning involves many aspects of your business, personal and financial life and should be customized to your particular situation. Focusing on crucial issues that need to be considered, the 21 chapters of the Toolkit guide you step-by-step through the process of developing, or revisiting, your estate plan, including:

  • Business Planning - Business Structures, Business Ownership Agreements, Income Maximization and Splitting, Capital Gains Exemption, Business Succession Planning
  • Legal Planning - Financial Power of Attorney, Planning Your Will, Trust Solutions
  • Tax Planning - Avoiding the Common Pitfalls, Retirement Pension Plans, The Tax Situation at Death
  • Risk Planning - Insurance Planning, Protecting Your Assets
  • Personal Planning - Wealth Creation, Making the Transition from Business to Retirement, Power of Attorney for Health Care, Probate Planning, Your Final Wishes, Charitable Giving, Estate Planning Tips and Traps

The accompanying CD includes practical checklists and worksheets that can help you clarify your goals and be better prepared to have a more meaningful planning discussion with your professional advisors.


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