Succession Planning Toolkit for Business Owners

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Succession planning is the process of exploring your options so you can protect the value of your hard-earned business investment and choose the right exit strategy that makes sense for you, your business and your family. Whether you want to keep the business in the family or harvest the proceeds and move on, succession is a process that requires thought, planning and time to arrange and implement. Succession Planning Toolkit for Business Owners will give you the information and tools you need to help put your succession plans into action.


Your succession plan starts with a vision for the future. It is your roadmap for taking charge as to how your future unfolds, whether your goals are financial security, family harmony and/or for the state of your health and peace of mind.

Succession Planning Toolkit for Business Owners will walk you through a structured process for analyzing your options and building your succession plan. It provides guidelines for creating and discussing your plans with your family members and other key stakeholders. It also presents numerous tips and checklists to help you through your succession planning journey. As your succession plan is as unique as your business itself, this book also includes a copy of these checklists on an accompanying CD which allows you the opportunity to create, modify and customize your succession plan to fit your unique situation. You can then use these checklists in discussions with your advisors who will assist in finalizing and documenting your plan.

This toolkit is a guide to covering key and typical aspects business owners face when exiting their business. The 10 chapters guide you through the process of creating a succession plan, including:

  • Chapter 1 – Your Roadmap to Success;
  • Chapter 2 – Exploring your options;
  • Chapter 3 – Keeping the business in the family;
  • Chapter 4 – Selecting and grooming a successor;
  • Chapter 5 – Planning a management buy-out;
  • Chapter 6 – Selling the business;
  • Chapter 7 – Determining the value of the business;
  • Chapter 8 – Financing the succession plan;
  • Chapter 9 – Understanding tax and legal issues; and
  • Chapter 10 – Managing your wealth to secure your future.


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