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Donna Salvati – Récipiendaire 2017

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  • André Dugal, FCPA auditeur, FCA

Donna Salvati, FCPA, FCA

Oligny, Salvati
2017 recipient of the title of FCPA

In 1983, Donna Salvati opened her own firm alone, a bold decision at the time, especially for a woman. Not long after, she added partner Pierre Oligny and together they built the now well-known firm. Yet, while juggling her firm, career and family, Ms. Salvati still found time to help others.

In 2002, she created the Oligny Salvati Foundation to assist struggling teenagers. She took in two young girls who had been placed in Quebec’s youth protection system until they had earned their high school diplomas. The third teenager she took in followed her example and became a CPA herself.

Donna Salvati has a huge influence on young people because she not only gives them refuge and unconditional love, but also sets an inspiring example for them as an accomplished businesswoman. She does not stop at simply encouraging them to finish their education, she puts them on the path to a balanced adult life.

Her work as treasurer of the Théâtre du Marais in Val-Morin from 2013 to 2016, in which she oversaw and ensured the success of the construction of its new facilities, is a further example of her social conscience.

Any attempt to measure her contribution to the community would also need to factor in all her hours of mentorship and volunteering. But how do you put a number on the determination and self-esteem that she creates in those she takes under her wing? No accounting method could possibly calculate it. That is why the Quebec CPA Order awards her the title of Fellow, after recognizing two years ago with an Award of Excellence for her long-term vision and tremendous sense of humanity.

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