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Robert Fetherstonhaugh – Récipiendaire 2014

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  • Robert Fetherstonhaugh

Robert Fetherstonhaugh, FCPA, FCA

Chair of the Board
Fetherstonhaugh Family Foundation
2014 recipient of the title of FCPA

Robert Fetherstonhaugh became renowned for his advanced risk assessment and data analysis capabilities thanks to the international acquisition-based growth strategy he developed with Trader Classified Media between 1998 and 2001. The Bronfman family then entrusted him to manage all of Claridge Inc.’s asset categories, from private capital and money markets to hedge funds, equities and direct investment programs. Following his strategic vision, Claridge Inc. began investing in the food industry and turning niche businesses into profitable companies.

In 2008, Robert Fetherstonhaugh was recruited to take the helm of Bayshore Global Management LLC, which manages the holdings of a prominent Silicon Valley entrepreneur and one of the largest family fortunes in the United States. As part of his duties, he was responsible for their global investments as well as establishing new initiatives for the Brin Wojcicki Foundation. Among these initiatives, he led and worked on the cultured beef project in collaboration with an internationally renowned tissue-engineering scientist, which spawned the world’s first stem cell hamburger. In 2012 The Chronicle of Philanthropy listed the Brin Wojcicki Foundation as one of the 10 most charitable U.S. foundations.

In 2002, Robert Fetherstonhaugh created “Canada Cycles for Kids” with friend Marc Balevi while they cycled across Canada to raise money for the Children's Wish Foundation. Since then, they have raised over $325,000 so that dreams can come true for 30 children in the terminal stage of an illness. These are just some of the achievements of a man who tends billions of dollars so that good causes can grow.

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