Organizing a benefit event for future CPAs

Organiser activité Fondation

Want to join the movement of pros and help those who hope to follow in your footsteps? Use your leadership, creativity and drive to help future CPAs by organizing a benefit event whose proceeds will go to the Foundation of Quebec CPAs.

Some ideas for events

  • Happy hour, conference
  • Brunch, barbecue, cocktail, dinner, corn roast, etc.
  • Ball, dance party, fashion show or other thematic event
  • Concert, show or other cultural event
  • Sports event or tournament (golf, biking, skiing, marathon, bowling, etc.)
  • Auction (silent or live)
  • Cake, pastry or other sale
  • Jeans day at the office
  • Car wash or any other fundraising activity

5 steps for a successful event

  1. Submit your idea 

    Tell the Fondation of Quebec CPAs about your event by filling out the Organizing a benefit event for future CPAs form.

  2. Plan carefully

    Whatever type of event you choose, it must be carefully planned if you want it to be a success. Form an organizing committee by choosing enthusiastic people. Hold brainstorming meetings to carefully choose your target audience, select an appropriate date and site for your event, set your fundraising goal, plan your budget and orchestrate event promotional efforts.

  3. Collect funds

    Closely monitor registrations, ticket or item sales, and payments. If tax receipts need to be prepared by the Foundation, remember to record the donor’s name, full address, payment method and eligible amount of the contribution or donation. Important: Tax receipts are subject to specific terms and conditions. Check with the Foundation’s staff before making commitments to event participants. Sponsorships are ineligible for a tax receipt for charitable donations.

  4. Pay the funds 

    Prepare your financial report to determine your event’s net revenue. Pay the raised funds to the Foundation no later than 45 days after the date of the event.

  5. Thank everyone 

    Thanking participants, sponsors and volunteers for their support is essential to the success of the benefit event. Take the time to thank them by expressing your gratitude to them and, most importantly, inform them of the amount of funds that were raised.


Contact the Foundation team by calling 514 288.3256 [2604] or 1 800 363.4688 or writing to