Financial literacy

Financial Literacy

2016 Financial Literacy Month

As part of Financial Literacy Month, the Order conducted a survey revealing that Quebecers struggle to apply certain basic financial concepts that they claim to fully understand.

See the full survey results [PDF] and learn more about the financial concepts tested

Also in November, nearly 100 free activities were held across the province in collaboration with the Quebec Public Library Association (Association des bibliothèques publiques du Québec). Around 50 volunteer CPAs shared their knowledge on a range of topics, from healthy financial management habits and fraud prevention to teaching kids about money.

Share your financial knowledge

Interested in sharing your knowledge and expertise as a financial management professional? Volunteer for CPA Canada Financial Literacy program

By volunteering, you become part of a national program that provides easy-to-understand information about various aspects of personal finance to help the general public make informed financial decisions.

You can get involved in many different ways:

  • Lead financial literacy sessions in your community
  • Write material for the sessions
  • Provide technical advice and suggestions on session content
Learn more or join the financial literacy volunteer program for CPAs [+]