Management committee


Geneviève Mottard, CPA, CA, President and Chief Executive Officer
Jean-François Lasnier, FCPA, FCMA, Executive Vice-President
Marie-France Langlois, CPA, CA, Vice-President, Administration
Josée Blanchard, CPA, CMA, Vice-President, Information Systems
Martine Picard, FCPA auditor, FCA, Vice-President, Inspection and Professional Practice
Christiane Brizard, Lawyer, Secretary and Vice-President, Legal Affairs
Julie Péloquin, CPA, CA, Vice-President, Outreach and Visibility
Daniel Benard, FCPA auditor, FCA, Vice-President, Professional Development
Lyne Lortie, Vice-President, Public Affairs, Brand Strategy and Communications
Hélène Racine, FCPA auditor, FCA, Vice-President, Qualification
Paule Bouchard, FCPA auditor, FCA, Syndic