Disciplinary remedy

If you wish to complain about the conduct of a CPA, you must provide the syndic with the following information in writing:

  • a detailed description of the alleged facts and acts;
  • an accurate chronology of events;
  • all available evidence concerning the facts and acts relating to your request (letters, e-mails, transcripts of telephone conversations, personal notes, etc.);
  • the name and contact information of any person who can corroborate your claims, if applicable.

It is essential that you provide the syndic with the most complete and accurate information possible. This information allows the syndic to conduct an inquiry into the matter and make an informed decision. You can send your information to the syndic by completing the online form.

The syndic must first determine whether your request is receivable, i.e. if the facts that you describe are actual violations of the laws and regulations that CPAs must adhere to. If the syndic concludes that a violation has occurred, an inquiry is launched.

During the inquiry, the syndic may determine a settlement is possible based on the alleged facts and suggest conciliation to each party. 

In some cases, the syndic may find that the alleged actions call for other types of intervention than lodging a complaint before the Disciplinary Council. For example, the syndic may decide to contact the CPA directly to have the necessary corrective actions taken.

Disciplinary remedies do not give rise to financial compensation or the passing of a sentence (such as imprisonment).