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Since its creation in 2012, the Quebec CPA Order has conducted an annual ad campaign to raise awareness of the CPA designation, position the accounting profession as a career of choice among young people, and demonstrate the added value of working with a chartered professional accountant in the business world. 


“The new face of CPA" is the premise of our brand new national advertising campaign. Developed by the CPA Branding Committee in partnership with the profession’s agency of record DentsuBos, the campaign aims to portray CPAs in a modern light and highlights the faces of diversity, competence and innovativeness that are the hallmark of the profession. As key actors in the business world, CPAs enjoy a reputation as influential leaders in all sectors of society. 

The portraits of 7 CPAs are featured in television, print and digital ads and social media posts, which illustrate their impressive range of interests, skills and community service, as well as their adherence to the highest standards of ethics.

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Media schedule

  • Television – TVA, Radio-Canada, RDI, LCN and other specialized channels: September 2019 to February 2020
  • Digital: September to November 2019 and January to March 2020
  • Billboards: September to October 2019 and January to February 2020

For future cpas


“Nous sommes plates” (“We’re boring”) is the tagline of the Order’s latest advertising campaign, created by Réservoir and featuring 6 CPAs whose paths are anything but boring. The campaign aims to remind bright future business people, young leaders and ambitious entrepreneurs that a CPA background opens doors to exciting careers in countless fields, many of which are not immediately associated with the profession.

The campaign includes digital and print display, online video and a social media presence.



Media schedule

  • Print display – University campuses, subway stations, street columns and transit shelters: January to March 2019
  • Digital – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and programmatic advertising: January to March 2019

CPA jokes

As part of our campaign for future CPAs, we recruited 10 CPAs from different walks of life who agreed to take their best shot at telling some “CPA Jokes”. The objective: keep a straight face, or at least try not to laugh, while attempting to make their opponent laugh with a series of jokes about the world of accounting. Their jokes cover everything from taxes and budgets to financial statements!

Not only are CPAs anything but boring, but some of them are downright hilarious. Let's see if our participants are able to give these dad jokes the CPA touch.

All of the jokes are the original work of the agency Réservoir. This content is only available in French.

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