Ad Campaign

Since its creation in 2012, the Quebec CPA Order has conducted an annual ad campaign to raise awareness of the CPA designation, position the accounting profession as a career of choice for young people, and demonstrate the added value of working with a chartered professional accountant in the business world.  


The business world is counting on you, you, you and you. Me? Yes, you! Each and every young person has the power to change the business world, even if they know nothing about it. This is the message we want to convey to future CPAs in the campaign created by Reservoir and launched in January 2023.

The goal? Encourage young people to consider or even reconsider the CPA profession as a career choice. The profession boasts a wide range of profiles and the business world would like nothing better than to leverage these diverse profiles and mindsets to meet its many challenges and needs.

With proper training and the CPA designation, young people can leave their mark and aspire to do great things.

This campaign includes outdoor signs as well as ads in the metro system, on university campuses, on the Web and on social media.

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Influencer marketing

In collaboration with Clark Influence marketing agency, we created an innovative campaign this year that also incorporates influencer marketing on TikTok and Instagram. To reach a larger audience of young people and be present in their preferred environments, videos were produced with three influencers who are very popular with a young crowd: Marilou Éthier, Massi Mahiou and Anthony Tran.

Follow our TikTok account or visit our campaign’s microsite regularly so that you don’t miss any of the content that will be released in January and February.

Media plan
January to March 2023
  • Billboards: universities, bus shelters, outdoor signs, Montreal metro stations
  • Digital: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, connected TV, La Presse, Yahoo, Tinder
  • Influencer marketing: Instagram and TikTok


This Canada-wide campaign takes aim at the business world with its slogan “CPA for what matters.” It demonstrates how CPAs make a difference in their communities and drive progress for what matters. Figures that speak for themselves are also used to illustrate CPAs' huge contribution to the country.

The campaign spotlights a number of CPAs who have inspiring career paths and are moving society forward, such as Quebecer and member of the Huron-Wendat Nation Jean Vincent. In addition to being an FCPA, he is Chair of the National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association, which draws on CPA know-how to help Aboriginal communities prosper.

The campaign has been conducted jointly by the national CPA branding committee and the agency of record, Dentsu Creative.

Video and display advertisements will appear on the Web, on social media and in various other media outlets in French and in English. A microsite has also been created for this campaign.

Media plan
  • Web: Globe & Mail, CBC, CTV, The Star, La Presse, Radio-Canada
  • Social: LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Press: Globe & Mail, National Post


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