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Our purpose: the protection of the public

An influential player in Quebec and an acknowledged leader in Canada and abroad, the Quebec CPA Order is a stakeholder in the collective interest and the protection of the public.

Working with a CPA

Why hire a CPA?

CPAs create value in organizations and for economies. Their financial expertise and unyielding commitment to ethics make them trusted leaders.

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The value of a CPA

The business world is constantly changing. Companies need visionary leaders to stay on the road to success. CPAs have the necessary expertise to turn these challenges into business opportunities.

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Protection of the public

Complaints and recourses

Do you have concerns about the quality of a CPA’s services? Several mechanisms are available to help you voice them.

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CPA fees

CPAs have to take a number of factors into account when determining their fees, to ensure they are fair and reasonable.

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Interviews à la McSween

The CPA Order invites you to watch exclusive interviews where the CPA Pierre-Yves McSween meets inspiring CPAs.

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Professional development

The Order has some 750 activities and a vast range of practical tools to help you improve your skills.

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Trust Emploi CPA

Use it to recruit CPAs and future CPAs who are ready to help organizations realize their business ambitions in accounting, finance and management.

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If being one of the largest and most respected professional orders in the country is boring, then call us boring. Become an Order partner.