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About the Order

The Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec (Quebec CPA Order) has 39,000 members and 5,000 future CPAs, making it the third largest professional order in Quebec. The Order ensures the protection of the public and the visibility of the profession. It represents all areas of expertise of the accounting profession at the service of enterprises, organizations and the public:

  • Advanced financial reporting 
  • Management accounting 
  • Strategy and governance 
  • Audit and assurance 
  • Finance 
  • Taxation

The CPA Order is a professional order as defined by the Professional Code, that is an organization dedicated primarily to the protection of the public. It is also an order whose members practice an exclusive profession, that is, only those who hold the title of CPA auditor are authorized to practice public accountancy (perform audit or review engagements, and issue special reports).

To this end, the CPA Order, like the other professional orders in Quebec, must carry out specific functions related to issuing permits to new members, updating the roll of the Order, monitoring the practice of the profession and detecting illegal practice. It must also comply with a set of operating rules imposed by the Professional Code.


In accordance with the Professional Code, the purpose of the Quebec CPA Order is to ensure the protection of the public with regards to the practice of the CPA profession, as set out in the Chartered Professional Accountants Act.


With a view to protecting the public in a constantly changing environment, the Order actively supports CPAs so they can fully realize their leadership role by creating value in their organization.

An influencer in Quebec and an emerging voice in Canada and abroad, the Order plays an invaluable societal role through its targeted interventions.

Recognized for its agility and excellence, the Order is effective in protecting the public, in supporting its members and enhancing their visibility.


  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Commitment
  • Innovation
  • Respect

About CPA Canada

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) is the national organization established to support a unified Canadian accounting profession. They represent highly qualified professionals who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to providing the highest standards of accounting, ethics and best business practices.