Hiring a CPA for my business

Need a trusted advisor to look after all of your organization's financial aspects? When you work with a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), you open up a world of possibilities that go beyond the boundaries of traditional accounting and taxation. CPAs have unique expertise that enables them to turn your challenges into business opportunities.

With 41,000 CPAs active in every sector of Quebec’s economy, you are sure to find one who can help your organization reach new heights.

What sets CPAs apart from accountants?

Not only are CPAs supervised by a professional order, but they also have to fulfill specific requirements throughout their careers. As Quebec’s one and only accounting credential, the CPA designation is globally recognized and synonymous with quality and reliability.

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What types of expertise do CPAs have?

Because they see beyond the numbers, CPAs offer a wide array of services that go beyond traditional accounting, audits and tax returns. Their ability to anticipate change and provide proactive solutions creates value for your business.

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How much do CPAs charge for their services?

While the cost may vary depending on the needs of your business and the CPA’s degree of involvement, when a professional can help your business grow, the cost becomes an investment instead of an expense.

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Why work with a CPA?

Every business has specific needs and CPAs have the knowledge to meet them. You would be surprised to see just how much a CPA can contribute to your business.

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How to choose the right CPA?

CPAs are active in all sectors of the economy and have wide-ranging areas of expertise. That is why it is important to know exactly what you need and take the time to find the right CPA for your business.

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Ready to work with a CPA?

To find a CPA who can act as your consultant and help you carry out your plans, search the online CPA Directory.

To recruit a CPA for your business, post your job offer on the Emploi CPA recruitment site.

Count on success with CPAs!

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Ideas for our times

This microsite features advice, tools and presentations that CPAs have created to help entrepreneurs and SME managers better understand key accounting and financial concepts for organizations.

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