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Complaints or comments

About CPAs

Protecting the public is the mission of the Quebec CPA Order. To fulfill its duty, the Order helps its members excel in the practice of their profession. Nevertheless, unfortunate situations may arise. To fulfill its primary mission, the Order aims to make the complaint process as easy as possible for those who believe they have been wronged by one of its members or suspect that a CPA has failed in his or her ethical duties. Before requesting an inquiry (i.e. lodge a complaint about a CPA), we invite you to learn about the steps in the process and become familiar with the various mechanisms at your disposal.

About the Order’s staff

If you have comments or suggestions to make about the quality of services received from the Order or if you would like to bring to our attention a situation you feel is unusual, write to us at

About the Order’s role or positions

To make a comment or suggestion on the Order’s role or positions it has expressed, write to the Order’s Public Affairs Department at