Compulsory continuing education

Given the rapid pace and scope of changes to their profession, chartered professional accountants must continually maintain, update, improve and enhance their knowledge and skills in areas in which they work.

All Quebec CPAS are subject to at least one of the two regulations respecting continuing education, depending on whether or not they hold a public accountancy permit:

Only certain retired members have no obligations respecting compulsory continuing education. 

In this section you will find your continuing education obligations, the qualifying criteria and the providers and categories of qualifying activities. Don’t forget to report your hours each year before September 30. 

Changes in continuing education

Rolling reference period

On September 1, 2018, we moved from a three-year fixed reference period to a three-year rolling reference period. What does that mean? Every year, a new reference period will begin on September 1, which will end on August 31 of the third year. Over a three-year cycle, you must still accumulate 120 hours of training. Every year, starting in 2021, the Order will evaluate whether you completed the required 120 hours over the last three-year period. Note that you will still have to complete the minimum number of required hours each year.

Fixed period until August 31, 2018

Période fixe

Rolling period starting on September 1, 2018

Période mobile

Tips: Make your life easier by completing 40 hours of training each year. That way, you’re sure to meet your requirements.

Professional ethics requirements

Four hours must now be devoted to training in professional ethics per three-year reference period. This training must cover the Order’s rules of professional conduct and ethics-related topics, in particular ethical decision-making. These hours are part of the minimum requirements set out in the regulations and can count as public accountancy hours. See the qualifying educational activities in professional ethics.

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