How much CPAs charge for their services?

Several factors to consider

When you work with a CPA, you gain access to highly sought-after expertise. But exactly how much does it cost to hire a CPA?

It is important to know that every CPA charges their own hourly rate when invoicing a client. To determine whether their professional fees are fair and reasonable, CPAs must take different factors into account, including:

  • The time spent on the engagement
  • The degree of complexity involved in delivering the services
  • Their experience and expertise
  • The level of responsibility assumed

Before accepting your engagement, CPAs should inform you of the approximate and foreseeable costs of their services and cannot require full payment of their fees up front. As a client, you can request a written estimate of the costs of the services to be provided if the CPA does not offer one.

In addition to providing all the explanations you require to understand their invoice, CPAs must ensure that the statement is broken down so that the professional services performed can be identified.

Do you have a dispute with a CPA concerning your invoice?

The first step is to discuss it with the member in question and obtain the necessary explanations. If you still disagree, the conciliation of accounts service offered by the Order’s syndic can help you.