Disputing a statement of fees

If you have a dispute with a CPA concerning a statement of fees (invoice), the first step is to contact the member in question to discuss it and obtain the necessary explanations. If you still disagree after the discussion, you can avail yourself of the conciliation service for professional fees offered by the Order’s Office of the syndic.

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During the conciliation of accounts process, the Office of the syndic tries to help the client and the CPA find common ground on the fees billed.

This process is governed by the Regulation respecting the conciliation and arbitration procedure for the accounts of members of the Ordre des CPA du Québec.

 When can you apply for conciliation?

For your application to be accepted, the following conditions must be met:

  • the biller must be an Order member; 
  • no other legal proceedings (e.g. before small claims court) may be under way.


If you have not paid the disputed invoices, you may start the conciliation process at any time.

However, the regulation sets out deadlines for applications pertaining to paid invoices to be eligible:

  • Account paid in full or in part: The application for conciliation must be presented within 45 days of the date of receipt of the invoice.
  • Progress billing or an account payable in several instalments: The deadline runs from the date of receipt of the most recent statement of fees or from the most recent instalment due date.

How to apply for conciliation

To avail yourself of this service, fill out the form and attach a copy of the disputed invoices. 

If you believe the CPA has breached his or her ethical obligations as well, you may inform the syndic when you send your application for conciliation. 

How your application for conciliation is processed

Within three days of receiving an application for conciliation, the Office of the syndic informs the CPA involved. As of that moment, the CPA can no longer undertake any other legal proceedings against the client. 

Dissatisfied with the outcome of conciliation?

If the conciliation process did not allow you to reach an agreement with the CPA, you may submit an application for arbitration to the Order.


Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (in French only) to find answers to the most common questions about conciliation of members' accounts

Don't hesitate to contact the Office of the syndic at syndic@cpaquebec.ca, or y phone at 514 288.3256 [5049] ou au sans frais 1 800 363.4688.