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Since the working language of the Order is French, our job offers are only available in French.

Agent(e), Soutien aux membres
Directeur(-trice) adjoint(e), Contentieux et pratique illégale
Chargé(e), Milieux de stage et administration des biens d'autrui
Poste pour CPA
Inspecteur(-trice) professionnel(le), Fiscalité
Poste pour CPA
Inspecteur(-trice)s professionnel(le)s | Contractuel 
Poste pour CPA
Poste pour CPA

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A brief glimpse at our teams

Every day, over 200 colleagues on ten different teams put their dedication and expertise to work to fulfill our primary mission of protecting the public. With over 150 different types of positions, the Order definitely has one for you, whatever your profession and regardless of whether or not you hold the CPA designation.

Executive Office and First Vice-Presidency, Finance and Operations

This team guides us with its clear vision of the CPA profession and our organization and motivates us to go above and beyond when achieving our common goals. It also works to provide us with the resources to reach our goals and manages certain annual processes for our members and future CPAs. Budgets, financial statements, financial transactions, planning, resource optimization, and activity support: Its flexibility makes it an invaluable ally for all of our staff.

Examples of positions: agent(e) au soutien aux membres, avocat(e), analyste, technicien(ne) en conformité et information financière.


Candidates can count on this team to assist them throughout their path and give them the advice and resources they need to achieve their professional objectives. Until they obtain their designation, they will be assisted by a team that is dedicated to their success.

Examples of positions: chargé(e) des examens et des programmes nationaux, chargé(e) de la reconnaissance des acquis professionnels, conseiller(-ère) au stage d’accès à la profession.

Communications, Brand Management and Social Responsibility

As the CPA brand’s developer and guardian, this team oversees the consistency and quality of communications and provides strategic input to make the Order an influential player in the public sphere. With creativity and rigour, it works behind the scenes to liven up our content, capture the attention of its target audiences and bring about change.

Examples of positions: concepteur(-trice) visuel(le), conseiller(-ère) aux communications et au développement numérique, intégrateur(-trice) numérique, réviseur(e).

Strategic Advice, Legislation and Regulations

In addition to reviewing laws and regulations in an effort to influence the government's actions in connection with the CPA profession, members of this team participate in debates on the issues of the profession and sometimes in committee work.

Examples of positions: Directeur(-trice) à la législation et à la réglementation de la profession, avocat, chargé(e) aux affaires gouvernementales.

Stewardship of the Profession

This team is active in the field, assisting CPAs in their quest for excellence by helping them improve their practice so that they meet the highest standards of competence. It also makes sure to offer them a wide range of training opportunities that meet their ever-growing professional needs. The team is always looking toward the future in an effort to anticipate change in the profession and prepare members to effectively manage it.

Examples of positions: analyste, conseiller(-ère) à la certification et à la comptabilité financière, au soutien à l’exercice de la profession et à la stratégie pédagogique, inspecteur(-trice).

Outreach and Visibility

This team builds business relationships and partnerships, orchestrates the key events of the CPA profession, highlights our members' achievements and brings them together across Quebec. It provides financial support to the most promising hopefuls and helps CPAs find their dream job. Thanks to its many experts, CPAs are visible and the next generation finds its way.

Examples of positions: chargé(e) au développement des affaires, coordonnateur(-trice) aux évènements, conseiller(-ère) au marketing relationnel, à la relève et à la promotion de la profession.

Human Resources

This team of HR process experts and change management advisors is constantly on the lookout for trends and best practices. It brings in top talent and helps these new employees integrate and develop themselves professionally by guiding them throughout their careers at the Order. It makes their professional development its priority!

Examples of positions: conseiller(-ère) et technicien(ne) aux ressources humaines.

Secretariat and Legal Affairs

This team guides and assists members during their careers to help them properly understand their obligations. This team listens carefully to all questions they receive from members, assists them with professionalism and rigour, and actively ensures that the laws and regulations in effect in their sector are being applied.

Examples of positions: adjoint(e), agent(e) administratif(-tive), avocat(e) aux contentieux et à la pratique illégale, conseiller à la gouvernance, parajuriste.


An independent entity within the Order and a true protector of the public, the syndic performs inquiries and files disciplinary complaints concerning CPAs who have violated the code of ethics, laws and regulations that govern the profession.

Examples of positions: adjoint(e) administratif(-tive), analyste, avocat(e), conseiller(-ère) aux enquêtes et à la déontologie, syndic et syndic adjoint(e), technicien(en) aux enquêtes et aux plaintes.

Information Technology and Systems

This team’s members come to our rescue whenever IT issues of any kind arise: training, technical assistance, business development and intelligence. No mission is too dangerous. Agile and methodical, they assist us in developing our projects and come up with optimal solutions for our needs.

Examples of positions: administrateur(-trice) de bases de données, analyste en intelligence d’affaires, technicien(ne) aux technologies de l’information, conseiller(-ère) en gestion de l’information, développeur(-euse).