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What does a CPA do?

In a constantly changing world, CPAs use their expertise, data analysis and strategic vision to help keep businesses on the right side of change.

Why become a CPA?

Become a CPA and join the leaders, the ideal position to navigate change in business and enjoy employment opportunities around the globe.

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Why hire a CPA?

CPAs create value in organizations and for economies. Their financial expertise and unyielding commitment to ethics make them trusted leaders.

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The value of a CPA

The business world is constantly changing. Companies need visionary leaders to stay on the road to success. CPAs have the necessary expertise to turn these challenges into business opportunities.

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Family law reform: The Order makes its voice heard

As part of the public consultations launched by Minister of Justice Sonia LeBel, the Chambre des notaires and the Order presented their insights on various family law issues.

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Professional development

The Order has some 750 activities and a vast range of practical tools to help you improve your skills.

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