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Financial assistance • Academic persistence • I believe, I donate!

You surely know that not all students have the same opportunities or follow the same path. For that reason, the Foundation now dedicates a large portion of its budget to financial assistance and academic persistence scholarships. With this direction, the Foundation hopes to increase the number of young promising hopefuls and give them an opportunity to envision a thriving career.

Excellence and social involvement are values that characterize the CPA profession, which is why the Foundation is committed to recognizing and rewarding aspiring CPAs and professors who adopt these values. 

But to achieve this, the Foundation needs your help! Choose today to help less privileged youth follow in your footsteps by taking the path toward the CPA designation. Your donation may not change your life, but it definitely has the power to change the life of a young person.

Many ways to support the Foundation

Choose the method that suits you best!
Transactions  Online donation (credit card, bank transfer or cheque)

A spontaneous outpour of generosity? Giving online is an easy way to support the Foundation’s actions and encourage young people to stay in school.

Transactions  Monthly donation

If you can turn a few pennies at a time into dollars, you can also change lives for a few dollars per month. Have you ever considered making a monthly donation to the Foundation? It is a simple and secure way to make small payments over 12 months that will have a huge impact on the lives of many students!

Transactions  Donation with your annual membership dues payment

Are you a CPA or a candidate for the practice of the profession? The easiest and most practical way to give to the Foundation is to enter the amount of your choice in your annual mandatory declaration that you submit to the Order from January to March and make one single payment that includes your donation and annual membership dues.

Transactions  Donation in VISA Desjardins BONUSDOLLARS

Are you a VISA Desjardins BONUSDOLLARS cardholder? You should know that you can use your points to make a donation to the Foundation of Quebec CPAs! What’s more, donations made with BONUSDOLLARS are tax deductible.

Transactions  In memoriam and in honour donations

In memoriam donation

Want to pay tribute to the memory of someone dear who was proud of their CPA designation? Give new meaning to their passing by making a donation in their memory to support the next generation that will carry on the CPA torch.

The Foundation will send a letter to the family of the deceased that includes a message from you expressing your condolences and mentions your donation, without divulging the amount.

For more details, contact the Foundation’s team or make your in memoriam donation online.


In honour donations thank an inspiring person or recognize a special event

An in honour donation is a creative and meaningful way to recognize an important person who you feel had a positive impact on your career or a special event such as a loved-one passing the Common Final Examination (CFE) or obtaining the CPA designation.

For more details, contact the Foundation’s team or make your in honour donation online.

Transactions  Planned giving

Planned giving is a fundraising program in which donations are arranged to serve the interests of the registered charity, in keeping with the individual donor’s personal, financial, and tax situation.

Planned giving is often used to create an endowment fund with capital that is maintained permanently to ensure the survival of the charity and the continuance of its activities. An endowment fund may be created through various planned giving techniques and donations, including life insurance policies, bequests and gifts of assets.

If you would like to make this type of donation to the CPA Foundation, we recommend that you consult your legal and financial advisors to arrange your donation. However, it is essential that you contact us before your will is drafted by a notary, lawyer or financial advisor so that your instructions in regard to the donation are followed. To do so, please send us an email at fondation@cpaquebec.ca.

Transactions  Donation by phone

Contact the Foundation’s team at 514 288.3256 [2604] or 1 800 363.4688 to make your donation by phone.

Transactions  Fundraising activities

The Foundation’s fundraising activities

Combine generosity and fun by taking part in one of the Foundation’s fundraising activities.

Plan a fundraising activity

Promote your creativity and your drive by organizing a fundraising activity for the Foundation with your friends and colleagues.

On behalf of future scholarship recipients, we thank you for your generosity!

Financial assistance scholarships are helpful and appreciated

"Becoming a CPA is a process that requires a lot of time, energy and money. I notice that more and more students have parental responsibilities and must balance work, family and studies to reach their goal. The scholarships awarded by the CPA Foundation are a great way to show them that we encourage them to continue their projects. I am convinced that these future CPAs will make us proud later because we helped them during their academic careers."

Nancy Michaud, MBA, CPA, CA, Professor, Assurance, Université du Québec à Rimouski

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