Resources for CPAs during the COVID-19 crisis

To help you stay current with news that has an impact on our profession and easily find resources to adjust your work methods, we developed a special, constantly updated web page available to you.

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Also, please note that our offices are closed until further notice. We will continue to provide our services remotely and we are doing everything we can to minimize the problems caused by the overload of phone and Internet networks.

Featured volunteers

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Every year, the Foundation benefits from the involvement of many volunteers, a large number of which are CPA members. These volunteers generously give their time to activities such as sitting on its Board of directors and various committees. Thanks to their invaluable contribution, the Foundation can continue to carry out its mission and support hundreds of young people as they work their way toward the CPA designation.


The Foundation offers several scholarship programs and requires the applications it receives from candidates to be analyzed by CPAs. Would you like to volunteer for one of the scholarship selection committees? Submit your application [PDF] (in French only).


The Foundation would like to sincerely thank its volunteers for their participation in the Foundation’s projects and activities and for their dedication to the next generation.

Board of directors

Find out who the members of the Board of directors are

2018-2019 undergraduate scholarship selection committee

Sophie Bergeron-Leblanc

Sophie Bergeron-Leblanc, CPA, CA

Marie-Hélène Hofbeck

Marie-Hélène Hofbeck, CPA, CMA

Marie-Eliang Mathieu

Marie-Eliang Mathieu, CPA, CA

Vanessa Simard

Vanessa Simard-McKinnon, MBA, CPA, CGA

Jean-Philippe Tassé-Trottier

Jean-Philippe Tassé Trottier, MBA, CPA

2018-2019 assistance towards success scholarship selection committee

Evelyne Blain

Evelyne Blain, CPA, CMA

Lamia Bouchened

Lamia Boucheneb, CPA, CGA

Laurentiu Constantin Ciocan

Laurentiu Constantin Ciocan, MBA, M.Sc., CPA, CMA

Michèle Demers

Michèle Demers, CPA, CA

Marie-Christine Gagné

Marie-Christine Gagné, CPA, CA

Mélanie Hotte

Mélanie Hotte, CPA, CGA

Caroline Lacroix

Caroline Lacroix, CPA, CGA

Jasmine Marcoux

Jasmine Marcoux, MBA, CPA, CA

2018-2019 outstanding commitment scholarship selection committee

Evelyne Blain

Evelyne Blain, CPA, CMA

Nicolas Blais

Nicolas Blais, MBA, CPA, CA

Lamia Bouchened

Lamia Boucheneb, CPA, CGA

2018-2019 Ph.D. scholarship selection committee

Manon Deslandes

Manon Deslandes, Ph.D., CPA, CA

Michel Magnan

Michel Magnan, Ph.D., FCPA, FCA

Rachel Papirakis

Rachel Papirakis, Ph.D., CPA, CA

Hélène Racine

Hélène Racine, FCPA, FCA

Louis-Philippe Sirois

Louis-Philippe Sirois, Ph.D., CPA, CA