Quebec Payroll Compliance Practitioner (QPCP) Certification: participants wanted

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The Canadian Payroll Association is seeking CPAs or candidates for the profession to participate in the inaugural Quebec Payroll Compliance Practitioner (QPCP) Certification course being piloted this October. QPCP certification is tailored for payroll practitioners responsible for Quebec-specific and Federal requirements, and provides job-ready knowledge sought by Quebec employers.

Quebec payrolls have always presented challenges for employers and their payroll practitioners because they must comply with over 30 Quebec legislative requirements (including CNT, CSST, QPP, QPIP), 20 Federal regulatory requirements as well as two tax authorities, Revenu Québec and the Canada Revenue Agency.

The Quebec Payroll Compliance Practitioner (QPCP) Certification, a certification for Quebec payroll practitioners, is delivered in French and focused solely on Quebec and Federal payroll legislation and regulations. It is felt that a Quebec certification will provide better differentiation between the levels and types of payroll education and drive higher awareness of the need for in-depth Quebec and Federal compliance accreditations.

The inaugural pilot QPCP class Quebec Payroll Compliance 1 will be offered at Centre de formation continue du Collège Montmorency in Laval. It will run on Monday evenings starting at 6:30 p.m. for 13 weeks ending in the later part of January. The Canadian Payroll Association is looking for two or three CPAs or candidates for the profession who would be willing to participate in the class free of charge. Ideal students would be those working for accounting firms with a responsibility for payroll.

For question or more detail please contact Certification Coordinator Meera Ramsurrun at

QPCP overview

Required courses
  • Quebec Payroll Compliance 1
  • Quebec Payroll Compliance 2
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Career Enhancement and Advancement Potential
  • Professional Knowledge and Experience
  • Quebec-focused Education Curriculum (30 Quebec, 20 Federal regulatory requirements)
  • Job-Ready Skills Acknowledged by Employers
  • Opportunity for Increased Salary
  • Robust Network of Payroll Professionals
  • Support from Canada’s only Payroll Association — the CPA
  • Professional Certification and Personal Confidence
  • Access to Payroll InfoLine – immediate answers to all compliance questions