CPA Plus • Top story • 5 tips for planning your training activities

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In this issue:

  • 5 tips for planning your training activities
  • Recruitment events for future CPAs in Quebec City and Montreal
  • CPAs Without Borders is looking for CPAs for new missions!
  • Recent distinctions
  • Don’t miss the Colloque sur la fiscalité des sociétés et les taxes à la consommation
  • Corporate Passports and CPA Promo: Get $100 off until September 15
  • Vision Haute Performance program for controllers: Get $375 off until September 29
  • Société d’habitation du Québec fall 2017 course on public and private low-rent housing programs in operating deficit
  • CPA Canada Annual General Meeting | September 27 • Quebec City
  • Colloque Femmes en finance, Femmes innovantes

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