Election campaign: the Order questions the political parties on key issues

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In anticipation of the April 7 election, the Order questioned the various political parties on the issues it considers crucial to ensuring Quebec’s economic and social development.

Here are the full answers to the following four questions and a comparative summary table.

Question 1. How do you plan to restore a balanced budget, while taking care of those most in need?
Question 2. What measures will you put in place to encourage entrepreneurship in Quebec and increase business productivity?
Question 3. How will you review the province’s economic and social programs?
Question 4. Are you considering an overhaul of Quebec’s tax system, and if so how will you proceed?

The Parti Québécois’s response (in French only)
• The Quebec Liberal Party’s response (in French only)
The Coalition Avenir Québec’s response (in French only)
Québec solidaire’s response (in French only)
The Conservative Party of Quebec’s response (in French only)

Please note that the first column in the comparative summary table presents some measures proposed by the Order during the last pre-budget consultations. In the second column, it can be determined whether the political parties considered the same measures in their platform.

Enjoy the read!