Professional promotional emails – How to avoid pitfalls

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To get you to buy their products or services, some organizations may send you emails whose content or style might be similar to that of those issued by the Order. These organizations may have access to your email address from a variety of sources: websites, social media, etc. 

Stay skeptical 

If you receive this type of email, review the information provided to you with a skeptical eye, so as not to be mislead, and check the Order’s website if you aren’t sure. For example, some organizations may go so far as to mention your professional requirements and boast that their product can help you to fulfill them; however, CPA requirements vary from one province to the next and one country to another. Thus, if the organization is not aware of the Quebec CPA requirements, the information provided could be incorrect. 

Learn to recognize emails from the Order 

Regarding communications about your professional requirements, emails from the Order are the most reliable source of information. Here are some telltale signs that an email is in fact from the Order: 

  • The Order will always send its emails from a sender whose email address contains “’’ Most of the time it will be from the “” sender, using the “Ordre des CPA du Québec” or “Fondation des CPA” sender name, or even the name of one of the CPA groups. 
  • Emails from the Order will always feature the Order’s logo, the “CPA Québec” logo, the Emploi CPA logo, one of the CPA group logos or the Quebec CPA Foundation logo. 
  • Every email from the Order will also feature a footer indicating our business name, the address of our offices, as well as our telephone number 
  • The only other organizations on behalf of which we could send you information by email are our official partners, and we would do this only if you’ve chosen to receive this type of communication in your online file

Keeping your data safe is one of our top priorities 

Rest assured that the personal information that you provide to the Order is diligently protected. To learn more about the protection of your personal data, refer to our guideline [PDF] (in French only). 

No longer receiving emails from the Order, including communications regarding your requirements? In your email program, be sure to authorize the sender. 

No longer wish to receive certain types of emails from the Order? We are required by law to send you certain information, such as that featured in the CPA Newsletter. For this reason, you cannot unsubscribe from this type of communication. However, you can manage your subscriptions to all of our other mailing categories from your online file