The CPA Order reacts to the budget tabled by Quebec and calls out to all political parties as the election campaign nears

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Montreal, February 21, 2014 – While the CPA Order was clearly expecting more concrete action to bolster Quebec’s economic recovery, it recognizes the Quebec government’s determination to control spending. However, without the tabling of appropriations, the question remains how this control will be achieved, and especially whether the government can maintain the current service offerings to Quebecers. These appropriations are key to providing an accurate picture of Quebec’s economic position.

“When we submitted our brief two weeks ago during the pre-budget consultations, we clearly indicated to the Minister that the government needs to make major changes and take forward- looking action to ensure Quebec’s economic health and social development, said Stephan Robitaille, FCPA, FCGA, chair of the Order. The announced increase in daycare rates is welcome news, but the budget did not include any measures guaranteeing that these increases would have no impact on the tax burden of low-income earners who cannot afford them.”

President and chief executive officer of the Order Daniel McMahon, FCPA, FCA, would have liked the government to launch an extensive review of government programs and services. “We are at a crossroads and the time to act is now if we want to leave Quebec in a financially sound position for future generations. For this reason, with the tabling of this budget, we called for a major review of our economic and social programs and of our tax system. We believe this is a critical issue that cannot be ignored, said Mr. McMahon. The government set program spending growth at 2% per year for the next two years, but without announcing where cuts will be made and which programs should be eliminated or reduced.”

Since we are clearly heading into a general election this spring, the CPA Order wants to hear what the political parties have to say about the following:

  • How does the future government plan to restore a balanced budget, while taking care of those most in need?
  • What measures will the future government put in place to encourage entrepreneurship?
  • How will the future government foster an increase in business productivity?
  • How will the future government review the province’s economic and social programs?
  • Is the future government considering an overhaul of Quebec’s tax system?

The CPA Order will be paying close attention to the proposals submitted by the various political parties in the coming weeks. Quebec’s future is in our hands.

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